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Payment interface towards the Public Administration

A single way, with a single interface to the citizen, to pay with credit card, bank transfers or even via an app.



pagoPA is the payment interface for the Public Administration. It’s a platform that connects citizens with the Public Administration and the Payment Service Processors (PSP) in order to enable secure and simple payments.

The integration of pagoPA represents a big advantage for public entities because payments get accredited in real time, thus citizens can instantly get a receipt with full legal value.

pagoPA allows citizens to choose the payment method among the available ones according to their needs and digital skills::

  • credit card
  • direct bank account charge
  • postal account
  • innovative payment methods available on the market

We’re improving the system towards a market approach by integrating innovative payment methods and improving the user interface and system capabilities according to market standards.

The most important work is about UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) which were heavily renewed made more usable for citizens (more information about this is available in Designers Italia).

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